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The Dark Summer

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Made from wood

Odd Velvet decks are made from Canadian Maple and Bamboo. The retro skateboard decks range from 5 to 7 ply. These decks are sturdy and made to take a beating. So beat them.


With attention to durability, an Odd Velvet board is meant to last as a companion.
OV boards will always be there for you.

odd velvet skateboard, the red rocket


Featuring ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 bearings for the speed you need. Spin the wheel that never stops rolling. For wheels we, like bigger, better, and burlier. When you hit a crack with an Odd Velvet skateboard your gonna make it.

Craftsmanship In Every Board

Each Odd Velvet skateboard is put together by hand.

The art is hand drawn.

The feeling is real.

Find the velvet on each one of our boards.  Each represents the many moods of a skater or surfer.

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