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Slumber Party &
Odd Velvet Present

Summer Slumber

June 21st @ 3:00 PM in Fullerton for the Fullerton Day of Music.

We will be there with a limited edition shirt and some other special items.

Tap for directions:

Carpe Diem 115 South Harbour Blvd., Fullerton

Bands Playing:


Melissa Brooks

This Uni

Makeout Reef




Indigo State



Finding What Was Already Found Trailer


  Closed Until Next Installation  


This collection


This collection was made to fuel functional & authentic people. A way to express yourself through clothing that doesn’t confine your passion as one culture. Cultural Innovation unites surfers, skaters, artists, musicians, and anyone who lives creatively.

We all spend vast amounts of time digitally. Collection One stands for taking a break and enjoying something natural while, being comfortable in your clothes.

Minimal Style, using a small amount of colors, hand printed and sewn. Strip the branding to a minimum and create something that is not a trend, it's a truth.


This is Odd Velvet.


Featured Piece:
The Pink
Chill Sweater




The Rules

1. Online store is the only place to buy Odd Velvet.

2. Online store opens for set times every few weeks. We create around 50 of each item/ piece of clothing. Communication mainly happens via email. Signup below to join the ranks.


  Educational Videos 


  What we are all about. 

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