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New Collection: Exposure OUT NOW


2019 collection: Exposure

Out Now


This collection’s metaphor is film . It ties with our love of nostalgia and is a wonderful representation of how we view culture. Film starts as a blank canvas with particles of silver salts waiting to be exposed. We point the camera at an experience and voila it has been burned into the film. Today’s culture has a lot to offer , but is everything worth burning into our lives ?

Media is burning into our Brains, constant ads and every single person desperately creating content to what? To soak up vanity ? Is it good for us? We aren’t here to give answers but to just push questions . That’s the idea of this collection: question daily your exposure. Are some things better left quiet? Or completely out? Or are other things worth encapsulating and remembering forever ?

Minimal Style, using small amounts of colors, hand printed, and sewn. Strip the branding to a minimum and create something that is not a trend, it's a truth.

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1. Online store is the only place to buy Odd Velvet.

2. We create around 50 of each item/ piece of clothing. Communication mainly happens via email or instagram. Signup below to join the ranks.





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